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Does moss only grow on the north side of trees? Should you always wait thirty minutes after eating to swim? Do hummingbirds really migrate on the backs of other birds? Find out in The Truth About Nature. This companion title, unlike other nature-myth titles for children, won’t focus on classic mythology and folklore, but rather will be a useful compendium debunking everyday myths that children can relate to.

Organized by season, these 144 nature-based fables will educate, breaking down the myth with an illustrated myth scale depicting how true the myth really is (level 1 being mostly true and level 3 a complete myth). Each item has a takeaway at the end with hands-on ideas to encourage kids to get outside. In addition, kids will also find “Be a Scientist” activities throughout the book where they can try some experiments to bust a few myths on their own, as well as “Incredible Nature” sections highlighting some of the unbelievable yet true.

The Truth About Nature will serve as a resource for kids and families for years to come, setting the record straight for many nature myths once and for all.


“How much do you know about nature? Don’t believe everything you hear. The Truth About Nature separates fact from fiction and is a great way to get more in touch with the world around us.” —David Mizejewski, naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation

“Building on the success of The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book, The Truth About Nature is a wonderful and fun resource that will engage kids and families with our parks and natural resources. Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer have once again created a book that is brimming with interesting information and is a real page-turner. It is a terrific gift for family and friends!”   —Grace Lee, executive director of National Park Trust



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