The Secret Lives of Animals

The Secret Lives of Animals is the perfect mix of field guide know-how and armchair entertainment. In addition to the standard field guide notes and range maps, the meat of the book will offer up “spark moments” in nature—something fascinating or memorable that catches your attention and sets you on a path of lifelong learning. The Secret Lives of Animals will feature more than 100 North American animals and over 1,000 tidbits in a fun, colorful, illustrated format.


“Step out into nature, and you will notice you have so many questions about what you see around you. Which animal made these tracks? What is the size of a full grown raccoon? What does a bear’s diet consist of? How do crickets make their unique sound? Do mice hibernate? The Secret Lives of Animals will provide answers to these questions and more—a wonderful book written in a way that will satisfy your curiosity and give you a better understanding of the beautiful world we live in. Take this book in hand and go outdoors!” —Linda Kranz, author of My Nature Book: A Journal and Activity Book for Kids and Only One You

“All of the greatest naturalists have retained a childlike sense of wonder, a belief that nature is endlessly amazing. That sense of wonder shines through everything written by Stacy and Ken.” —Kenn Kaufman, naturalist and author of Kaufman Field Guides

“WARNING: This book could get your kids excited about nature, teach them cool facts about animals, and even get them outside more. The Secrets Lives of Animals is perfect for any kid who likes the outdoors.” —Ben Klasky, CEO of IslandWood and Huffington Post blogger

“We share our planet with an amazing diversity of critters. The Secret Lives of Animals introduces us to some of the more fascinating examples of our fellow earthlings in the fun and colorful manner we’ve come to expect from authors Stacy Tornio and Ken Keffer. The book contains a rich sampling of creatures, from the little-known to the charismatic, and is loaded with interesting and unique facts. Parents will love sharing this book with their children and kids of all ages will enjoy exploring it on their own.” —Dr. Rich Reading, Department of Conservation Biology, Denver Zoological Foundation

“The cover looks really exciting, and I’m ready to dig into some animal facts.” —Jack Tornio, 11

“I can’t wait to take this book into my class. It’s going to be really good to share with them.” —Annabelle Tornio, 9


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