School Visits

Bring Stacy to Your School

For decades, author visits have been a much-loved tradition at schools all over the country. We are happy to continue this tradition through our program that melds together writing, nature and just an overall love of being outside!

Statistics show that the average school-aged child spends almost 8 hours a day indoors in front of media! It’s time to reverse this, so there’s never been a better time to encourage some of the simple and oh-so-important things in life like reading and going outside.

Stacy has developed a program help kids understand the natural world around them, both through reading and exploring their own backyard.

Illustration by Rachel Riordan from our book, Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book
Illustration by Rachel Riordan


The #1 goal for our program is to get kids to gain a great appreciation for the natural world around them. Most kids don’t realize there’s a whole world out there of birds, butterflies, raccoons, frogs and more. And it’s probably a lot closer than they might think! We want them to explore this world both through great books and getting outside on their own. We offer both half day and full day programs. We also offer a virtual experience for individual classrooms.


The half day program starts at $500 and the full day starts at $1,000. We also offer a virtual experience for an individual classroom, starting at $100. All of our programs will be customized—we can include an author signing, lunch with the students, some individual classroom visits, a writing contest, etc. (If you’re outside of Southeastern Wisconsin, there might be additional fees for travel. Contact us for more info.)


So you’d like to have us come to your school, but you don’t know how? Start with your principal, school PTA or librarian to see if they can get the funds to spend on an author visit. You could also have a fund-raiser (see information below about selling our book). Another option is to get a local business or bookstore to sponsor our visit. Many groups and organizations believe in promoting reading and outdoor activity with today’s youth, so it might be easier than you think!


Stacy Tornio has been a writer, author, and editor for 10+ years. Stacy loves “going back to school” and has been presenting programs for several years. Stacy likes to be engaged with their audience and always find a way to make it interactive, fun and filled with hidden opportunities for learning. She will use props, sound, videos and audience volunteers.


Stacy has a number of books you can offer to your students, based on the type of program you’re looking for. Our publisher offers books to schools at a great discounted price. We encourage you to sell the books to your students for a slight increase in price (which is still probably cheaper than retail) to raise money for our visit.


We’re sure you have additional questions, and we’re sure we can answer them! Now that we’ve given you an overview, we’d love to talk to you about a visit to your school. Please contact us for more information.