Recycle Alphabet Letters into the Garden

This is from my book, Project Garden from Adams Media. It’s a simple project idea, but it’s a good example of reusing old objects in the garden. My kids weren’t using their alphabet letters anymore, so we turned them into garden art instead. Even if you don’t have old letters yourself, these are pretty cheap to purchase. I’ve even seen them in the $1 area at stores. Of course, you can check out your local Goodwill, too. What else could you make with magnetic letters? Here are my top 5 ideas…

  1. Use them on a shovel like we did here to write a fun message.
  2. Hang an old cookie sheet and use it as an outdoor message board with alphabet letters and other magnets.
  3. Try painting a section of your shed with magnetic paint (yes, it does exist) and then put your letters on there.
  4. Forgo the magnet part completely and use the letters as plant markers.
  5. Embed a saying in one of those DIY stepping stone kits.

Stacy is a gardener, birder, and naturalist, and the author of nearly 10 books, including The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, The Secret Lives of Animals, Project Garden, and 101 Plants You Can't Kill.

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