Plants You Can’t Kill

Stacy Tornio is a journalist, garden writer, and former editor of the national magazine Birds & Blooms. She interviewed more than a dozen garden experts, including horticulturalists, plant nursery workers, master gardeners, and her mom to get the best plant picks for any situation.

Praise for Plants You Can’t Kill

“No green thumb? No worries! Author and former editor of Birds & Blooms magazine Stacy Tornio guides you through the garden center like a good friend, pointing out the best of the bunch. Stacy’s lively, down-to-earth writing will keep you going back for more as you grow into a confident gardener with Plants You Can’t Kill.” -Sally Roth, Author of more than 20 books about birds, nature, and gardening

“Stacy’s many years of gardening experience translates into a book that makes it super easy to learn about great hard-to-kill plants. Each plant entry has beautiful photography, easy-to- follow tips and insider information that progresses from annuals through perennials all the way to herbs and vegetables. It’s like having a knowledgeable garden center employee at your fingertips 24-7.”  -Diane Blazek, Executive Director, All-America Selections and National Garden Bureau

“In her many years of talking with readers of Birds & Blooms magazine, Stacy learned that fear of failure is one of the biggest obstacles to getting more people to garden. Her book addresses that head on by presenting beautiful, reliable plants in a simple-yet-effective way that anyone can understand, regardless of their experience level. It would make a great gift for any beginner gardener in your life.” -Susan Martin, Perennial Plan Expert

“Stacy helps take the intimidation out of gardening. She uses her years of experience as a gardener and the editor of Birds & Blooms to help black-thumb gardeners discover the joy and satisfaction of successfully growing plants.” -Melinda Myers, Horticulturist, Author, TV and Radio host

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