Pesto for the Winter

DestinationNature PestoAs the season’s first frost advisories are being issued in the northern states, it’s time to take a final look at the garden. Lots of people actively pickle, can, and dry produce, but what about herbs?

Some folks dry herbs, but perhaps the easiest storage method for basil is to freeze up some homemade pesto. It is easy enough to whip up a huge batch. You can make minor various to the recipe as you go, so you can experience different fresh flavors all winter long.

The basics of pesto essentials include basil, pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. You can add or substitute in any number of ways. Try adding some arugula. Toss in some walnuts. Use more than one variety of basil to mix it up.

Pesto is one of those things that you can fix to your own tastes. You’re going to use a food processer to mix everything together.

You’ll need a passel of basil. I like to use a fair bit of cheese. A good handful of pine nuts. Lots and lots of garlic. Plus another couple of cloves of garlic on top of that. Then a few drizzles of olive oil to help glue it all together.

Pesto freezes well, so go ahead and make a bit ol’ batch of it. My favorite pesto trick is to use an ice cube tray to freeze it in. This will give you individual cubes to toss with pasta all winter long.

Don’t let the snow and cold keep you from eating garden fresh this winter.

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