Mosaic Handprint Project and Gift

This makes a perfect gift…birthday, Mother’s Day or a “just because” present. It’s really simple, just about any age can do it and it makes a great keepsake. This project can also be found in our new book by Falcon Guides, The Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book: 448 Great Things to Do in Nature Before You Grow Up. Check it out! Here’s what you need for this project:


  • Wooden plate or other strong material you can glue onto (empty picture frames work great, too)
  • A glue that dries clear
  • A mosaic material like dried beans, rocks, seeds, buttons, etc.
  • Pencil for tracing your hand

Find a plate.

You might already have one you can use. Otherwise, hit up Goodwill. We like using wood because it’s easy to apply glue to, and it adds some natural character. You could paint your plate or platter, but we really liked the natural wood in this case. After you find what you want to use, gently trace your child’s hand with a pencil.

Create your mosaic.

Use a glue that smears easy with little fingers and dries clear. We like Mod Podge. Smear it out onto your surface and place your mosaic pieces, one by one. Let the whole think dry for several hours.

Hang it up.

Once your plate is dry, gently feel the mosaic pieces to make sure they’re completely stuck on. If any are loose, glue again. Once you’re done, you can add a little picture hanger to the back (pick one up at your local craft store). If you’re already using an old picture frame, it’ll have the hanger on already. Then give your new artwork to a special friend. (Don’t forget to sign the front or back.)


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