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Destination Nature aims to be THE top content site for parents, educators, and others who are passionate about getting kids outside. We strive for a mix of fun, education, and entertainment. Think of us as a mix of Mother Nature Network, Outside Magazine, Scary Mommy, and Buzzfeed. We strive to find unique, hilarious, and fascinating ways to engage our audience, which could include everything from how-to and nature videos to entertaining listicles, excellent content about the great outdoors, and product reviews.

While we do not currently pay, we do think this is an excellent opportunity for those who are truly passionate about our mission of getting kids outside. If you’re still reading, here’s what we can offer…


  • As one of our Outdoor Ambassadors, you will join a talented team of writers who share your love of nature and the outdoors.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, learn SEO, create your own website, or do video, then Stacy Tornio (creator of Destination Nature) will help you with any and all of this.
  • As an Outdoor Ambassador for Destination Nature, you can use the website as a tool to go to conferences, do product reviews, get speaking engagements, and more. Your bio and photos will be added to THE TEAM page.
  • Destination Nature provides a platform where your voice will be heard. Stacy has social media marketing experience, and she will help implement best practices to get Destination Nature articles shared on Pinterest, FB, Twitter, and more.
  • If chosen as one of the new Outdoor Ambassadors, you will be first in line to becoming a paying writer and contributor if the site grows and eventually starts generating revenue. Stacy is being very selective in putting together the right team for her Outdoor Ambassador team. So if she’s successful, she’ll pass that along to you, too.


  • Fill out the form below, using the subject line OUTDOOR AMBASSADOR.
  • In the comments section, please define your interest in being an Outdoor Ambassador for Destination Nature. Explain why this is an area of interest for you.
  • Also in the comments section, outline any experience you have in writing, marketing, and social media. Even though this is a non-paying gig, Stacy and her team will be very selective on who they add to the group, so they’re definitely looking for experience in this area!

Stacy will have a contributor agreement in place for those chosen to become an Outdoor Ambassador. She’s looking for writers who can contribute at least two articles a month.

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