5 Easy Fall Plants You Can’t Kill … Until Frost

I’m often asked for plant recommendations in fall that will last as long as possible. I get it! I want great flower color on my front porch. Plus if I’m going to spend the money on flowers, I want them to last! As a nod to my book, Plants You Can’t Kill, here are my recommendations for some of the best, most resilient plants you can grow for fall containers. (Frost will likely kill them, so apologies in advance for that.)

Better yet, try out my son, Jack’s, planter project. This is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to add fall containers to your area. We bought the pumpkin containers for $1 and added drainage holes in the bottom. Now you’ll be ready for fall and Halloween!



1. Pansies

Pansies are being bred to be more and more hardy. You can even look for a special brand of pansies called Sub Zero pansies that can make it through milk winters or light frosts.

2. Ornamental grasses

Any and all ornamental grasses are gorgeous in fall. Most will turn gorgeous shades of gold or burgundy as the temperatures drop. I like to use ornamental grass in containers or just by themselves. You can also leave them up all winter for added texture and color.

3. Chrysanthemums

There’s a reason you see so many mums this time of year. They are a great fall plant. They come in lots of color options, and the cool temperatures seem to make their colors even more rich and bright.

4. Ornamental peppers

They’re not really edible (hence the name ornamental), but they sure do provide some fun colors and cool texture for containers.

5. Ornamental cabbage

Both ornamental cabbage and kale are good options for fall and going into winter. This is another one that can even withstand some light frosts. Look for foliage in beautiful pinks, purples, greens, and even black.

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