7 Creative Ideas for Air Plants

Air plants are a magical, wonderful thing. You’ve probably seen these in design magazines or in cool local shops. They look like a cross between a succulent and a Dr. Seuss plant. Plus, the most genius thing of all is they require no soil. You just set them in their resting place, and that’s it!

To water, all you do is spray them with water from time to time. (Consult your local garden center for specific instructions and for buying air plants.) Then if you’re looking for ideas on creative ways to use air plants, take a look. These are awesome.

1. Create a centerpiece.

I’m in love with this centerpiece idea from Sand & Sisal. It’s such a creative way to display air plants. Plus, it’s so easy. You can pick up a log in your own backyard to make it. Or go for a more decorative one like she did here. Take a look to learn how to make this project yourself.

2. Display them in shells.

Air Plant Design Studio has an awesome selection of air plants and ideas for displaying them. They are affordable, too. You can get this trio for $12, and they have several other options to choose from. I love this place. They are always running deals, and I just bought my mom her birthday present from here!

3. Buy barn wood display art.

This Etsy seller has made a business out of creating air plants displays out of barn wood. They are gorgeous. Check out the store here. Or use this as inspiration to make your own.

4. Create air plant ornaments.

Here’s another great Etsy seller that offers a cool way to display your favorite air plants. She calls them ornaments, and it fits. This seller is a jewelry designer, so you can appreciate the little attention to detail.

5. Make your own holder out of metal.

This DIY-er (Love Creative Celebrate) has stolen my heart because she made an air plant holder out of copper. I love copper, and it’s a really creative way to make your own. You can have a lot of fun with the design. Get more tips for how she made hers here.

6. Use hooks for your display.

I love the idea of using simple hooks to hold your air plants (and containers). This design you can pick up on Etsy directly through the seller. But it’s also good inspiration for making your own. All you need it some hooks, and then your imagination can take it from there.

Use a jar, glass, or anything else you have around.

This is genius, and it’s from the Home Goods blog. Use an old wine glass, jar, or any other container to house your ai

r plant. This is a great excuse to repurpose something in your cabinet that you don’t really use or to take a trip to the thrift store. Be sure to put a few rocks in the bottom to set the scene, and then you’re ready to go.

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