Book Review: Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth


541198I come from a whole family of educators. My mom, grandpa, aunts…they are all teachers. My grandma was even a principal. I didn’t follow their footsteps exactly, but I do still share that passion for educating kids, especially when it’s related to nature and the great outdoors. I just love the look on a 4-year-olds face when they discover a ladybug or spiderweb. It’s true awe and wonder like no other.

Every once in a while, I come across a book that I just have to buy and give to someone. Early Childhood Activities for a Greener Earth is the book I’ve discovered recently. It’s by Patty Born Selly, a mom and educator from Minnesota. It is filled with project, ideas and activities for kids 3 to 8. While this book is a good resource for parents in general, I think it’s even better for educators…teachers, Sunday school classes, home schoolers, etc. It’s like this fantastic hands-on workbook. Each activity has a recommended age, a materials and supply list, activity goals and how the activity relates to the National Science Education Standards.

If you have an educator in  your life, I encourage you to have them check out this book. It’s an amazing resource, and everything is organized into lovely chapters like indoor environments, air, weather, food, etc. It doesn’t necessarily have flashy colorful pictures or a crazy design, but you’ll find activities in here that will keep kids busy for hours and will help them reconnect with the world around them.

Thanks to Patty for writing such a great book. Let’s start these kids as young as possible!


Stacy is a gardener, birder, and naturalist, and the author of nearly 10 books, including The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, The Secret Lives of Animals, Project Garden, and 101 Plants You Can't Kill.

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