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BirdvsBirdWe are so excited to tell you about a bird artist, BIRD VS. BIRD, we stumbled upon recently. We saw her items in one of our local stores and then found her on Etsy as well. (Check out her Etsy store.) Lucky for us, she agreed to do a giveaway with us as well. Learn more about Bess below, and sign up for the giveaway at the end! Thanks.

Why do you like drawing birds? 

The short answer it that I just really like birds (and have since I was a little kid)!  I particularly love that as I sketch out the initial design I start to get a real feel for how their amazing bodies are constructed.

How it is important to you to get the markings right for the birds you illustrate? 

It’s important to me that the marks be accurate enough that a birder could look at the design and say “Hey, that’s a so-and-so”  Since my drawings are a bit stylized and simplified, with the colors sometimes exaggerated for contrast, I don’t get too bogged down in tiny details that might differentiate one species of little brown bird from another.  I’ll leave that to the scientific illustrators out there!

What’s your favorite bird? 

That’s a hard one.  I’m really partial to the California Quail. Their plumage is lovely, and I find something so appealing about their shape–the kind of plump pear body with that little topknot.  And they are a lot of fun to observe in the wild.  Here in the San Francisco bay area, it’s not uncommon to be out on a hike and hear some rustling in the brush, and all of a sudden a little quail family parade pops out onto the path.

What’s one bird NOT in your area that you would like to see? 

I would love to see puffins in the wild!

What’s another bird you haven’t drawn yet in your products but would like to? 

I’d like to branch out into some birds that I’ve seen while traveling, but that I don’t have in my area.  I’ve done a scrub jay, so maybe a good old blue jay!


Stacy is a gardener, birder, and naturalist, and the author of nearly 10 books, including The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, The Secret Lives of Animals, Project Garden, and 101 Plants You Can't Kill.


  • Reply September 23, 2013


    She’s already done so many fantastic birds–love her work!

  • Reply September 23, 2013

    Cheryl Reynolds

    I love Bird vs. Bird. How about adding a Loon or Common Murre!

  • Reply September 24, 2013


    Anna’s Hummingbird
    Peregrine falcon

    • Reply September 24, 2013


      I have such affection for my Bird vs. Bird art that I was lucky enough to purchase from a local craft bazaar. I want to fill my home with more!

  • Reply September 24, 2013


    I’d love to see a vulture in her work of art.

  • Reply September 24, 2013

    Mary Ann Good

    Beautiful! How about a Blackburnian Warbler?

  • Reply September 24, 2013


    I think all the birds Bess does are fantastic, it would be cool to see some larger birds like whooping crane, or toucans (I know there are more than one kind). Some endangered birds such as those would be amazing with the colours!

  • Reply September 24, 2013


    I would say the Red Cockaded Woodpecker. It is threatened species found in the southeast US. Thanks.

  • Reply September 27, 2013


    Love love love these! A blue jay would be nice!

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