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One of our favorite things is getting to meet get nature kids. We are thrilled to highlight a Wisconsin teen with this very special guest blog.



My name is Bekah, I am 15 years old, and I am a Freshmen in the DC Everest School District in Wisconsin. Many of my hobbies include being outside in nature, and many of my best memories come from being in the great outdoors. I enjoy deer hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, four wheeling, hiking, canoeing, farming, and photography. I also enjoy writing, mostly about memories and stories about cool adventures (which I tend to have a lot of) I’ve had in nature, and the stories are filled with all true experiences. I mostly do scenery and wildlife photography, I take pictures of stunning nature sights and wildlife and take the pictures in our woods, at my grandparents farm and at our cottage up north. I enjoy being able to be outside doing things  I love and being able to capture it on camera.

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Forget Everything
By: Bekah

It’s not easy to forget everything-your worries, responsibilities, stress, problems…everything, but somehow when you are one on one with nature is seems like  the easiest thing you could possibly do. When the only chatter in your head is the noise of animals scurrying through the woods. When the only thing screaming in your ear is the wind whistling through the trees. Its like you take one breath of that fresh pine air and you mind just clears-without a care. That one place you don’t have to worry or second guess what’s going on, everything is just so simple. That one place your mind can wander and you don’t have to call it back. You can let your imagination run free. And wonder where that leaf that just blew by has all been, has it toured the world? Hey, you never know. You can go for a hike and get lost, but there’s no need to fret because there is sure to be an adventure. You can sit by the pond forever-without a worry in the world or a care about what time it is. Throwing pebbles in, trying to get them to skip, and playing with the sand.  You can walk through the creek and try your hardest not to get wet, but we all know you’re going to give in and splash and play like nobody’s watching, soaking yourself, but you don’t care. Where you build an epic fort out of what is around you, and your proud of it, relaxing in it pretending to be on some sort of survivor show. A place where you can examine wildlife, watching birds fly above you and deer spring into action,  just catching a glimpse of their white tail. A place where you can find yourself and lose yourself at the same time-no matter what age you are. So I encourage you to go have an adventure and forget everything, I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.


This Place I Know
By Bekah

There is this place I know

A place where memories are made

family time is spent

scenery is captured

And Wildlife is seen at its finest

All in one spot


Where you can plop down a lawnchair

grab a cold refreshing drink

And relax, soaking up the Northwoods summer sun

Splash in the water by the  sandbar

swim and look through your goggles

to see a little bluegill swimming towards you


Where you  see all sorts of wildlife

And wonder if they see you too

Where a turtle pops up

on a maple tree log

laying in the water

chomped down by a beaver

Where you can watch the sun set over the lake

shimmering on the water

An eagle swoops down on its prey

swings back up

To its nest in an oak nearby

devouring its fresh catch


Where you faintly see a deer cross in the distance

Or a loon and her babies pop up ten feet away

you reach for your camera, and under they go

tormenting you every time

They must know a picture is nothing

Compared to the real experience


Where dragonflies go zipping past you

And then land on your nose

A place you couldn’t imagine

spending your time anywhere else

This place I know

This place I treasure

Stacy is a gardener, birder, and naturalist, and the author of nearly 10 books, including The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, The Secret Lives of Animals, Project Garden, and 101 Plants You Can't Kill.

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