Find Nature on Google

Maybe you have an open afternoon, and you’re looking for an alternative to the same old park you go to. Or perhaps you’re on vacation somewhere, and you want an easy way to find a nature-related activity for your family. Try Google Maps. I know it sounds overly simple, but that’s because it really is!

This is a fast way to find nature in your own backyard. It’s not completely foolproof…sometimes there are results that don’t really make sense. But it’s fun. And these days with all the map-related apps, you can do this on your smartphone, too. So don’t overlook this super simple way to discover nature.

1. Go to Type your city, state on on the top bar.

2. Click on the little “A” you see and choose “search nearby.” Simply type in “nature” into the search box.

3. Click “search” and check out your options. Maybe there are places in your own backyard that you never even knew about!

Stacy is a gardener, birder, and naturalist, and the author of nearly 10 books, including The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, The Secret Lives of Animals, Project Garden, and 101 Plants You Can't Kill.

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