About Stacy

These photos pretty much sum Stacy up. Here we go from left to right … she loves books of all types, but she especially has a weakness for children’s books. (Huge shout-out to Olivia in picture 1.) Stacy has two amazing kids who have inspired all of her books (Shout-out to Annabelle and Jack in picture 2.) Stacy has amazing, talented friends who support her like crazy and make her look good in photos (Tina photography shout-out in picture 3). And finally, picture 4 is proof that nature truly feeds her soul as this was taken on a hike in the Grand Canyon.

Stacy is a big believer in listicles because let’s face it … you’re much more likely to read it this way. So here are 7 random facts about her.

  1. OKLAHOMIES. Stacy grew up in Oklahoma, but she now calls Wisconsin home. She still has great ties to her Oklahomies and goes back often.
  2. #BIRDNERD. She is a total #birdnerd. Ever since she was the editor of the national magazine, Birds & Blooms, she’s has a little obsession with birds. Her faves are owls and woodpeckers.
  3. RESILIENT AND STUBBORN. Stacy wrote for nearly 10 years before her first book was published. She attributes it to being resilient, stubborn, and lucky.
  4. GARDEN GEEK. Take her nerdiness around birding and then double it for gardening. She ran her own veggie stand as a kid. She’s a big advocate of gardening for wildlife. And she likes to teach gardening concepts and classes to local youth. Her son, Jack, is a great gardener and will probably know more than Mom one day.
  5. WUSSY AT TIMES. She love, love, loves nature and is a huge advocate of it. But she prefers glamping over real camping, and snakes make her shudder. Her daughter, Anna, has been known to catch snakes before, though.
  6. NATURE GIRL. Despite her wussiness, she really tries to push herself as much as possible. One year she took a solo trip out West to hit five national parks in four days. Think Cheryl Strayed but not nearly as cool.
  7. A BIT OF A SAP. Stacy works full-time, writes books on the side, and dreams of the day when she can reverse these two. For anyone who has contemplated writing, chasing after a dream, or trying something new, Stacy recommends becoming a doer and following the words of the wise Lorax. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”