7 Creative Ideas for Deviled Eggs

deviledeggsDeviled eggs are a classic appetizer, and you’ll especially see a lot of deviled eggs around Easter. (You need to find a way to use all those Easter eggs!) We’re always looking for creative ways to put a new spin on a popular food option. It’s even better when you can make it appetizing or healthy for kids, too. Here are our ideas for making a different type of “deviled eggs.”

  1. Pickles! Cut up little pieces of pickle and fill it up!
  2. Cheese. This will be a popular option among kids.
  3. Bacon. Isn’t everything better with bacon?
  4. Salsa. We especially recommend making your own mango or pineapple salsa.
  5. Jelly or Jam. It’s actually not bad. Try it.
  6. Ham. Yep, a new way to have ham and eggs.
  7. Corn. Those little pieces will fit in great.


Stacy is a gardener, birder, and naturalist, and the author of nearly 10 books, including The Kids' Outdoor Adventure Book, The Secret Lives of Animals, Project Garden, and 101 Plants You Can't Kill.

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