10 Fox Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

When the popular music video WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY swept the country, a lot of people were suddenly into foxes. How much did you already know about these beautiful animals? Go ahead and put yourself to the test.

1. They’re related to dogs!

Foxes are members of the dog family, along with wolves, coyotes and jackals. Together, they’re all considered canids.

2. Foxes can be loners.

While some members of the canids (like wolves) live in groups called packs, foxes usually live alone.

3. Female foxes are called vixens.

You might have heard the term “vixen” before, but you probably didn’t know that it was tied to foxes!

4. The red fox is everywhere.

Have you seen a fox? Chances are, you’ve seen the red fox. This is because it’s the most abundant fox in North America.

5. They aren’t just meat eaters.

Red foxes love hunting and eating rabbits, but it will also eat beetles, worms, frogs, birds, mice, fruit and a lot more.

6. Foxes are popular in pop culture.

Foxes are popular children’s characters in books, movies and TV shows. Perhaps some of the most recognized fox characters include Tod from Fox in the Hound, Swiper from Dora the Explorer, Fox in Socks from Dr. Suess and maybe the most famous fox of them all—Robin from Disney’s 1973 movie, Robin Hood.

7. They have similarities to a cat!

The gray fox is also fairly common in North America. It has unique claws and can climb trees almost like a cat!

8. Foxes are all around the world.

The smallest fox in the world is the fennec fox. It lives in Africa, and it’s only about 9 to 16 inches!

9. Foxes have lots of predators.

Coyotes, wolves, bears and mountain lions are all mammals that will eat foxes. Also, young fox (called kits or cubs) have to watch out for eagles!

10. Arctic foxes live double lives.

Arctic foxes have two color phases! In the summer, they are dark gray or brown, but then in winter they change to a pure white because it helps them stay camouflaged in the snow. In North America, arctic foxes are in the far north parts of Canada and throughout Alaska.

PS: For those of you who really just want to know what the fox says, here’s a great YouTube video we found. Check it out.

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